My Broadway “Hangover”

Or is it Theatre Lag? Stage Fog? it can be.  I just came back from NYC yesterday afternoon, tired….dead. tired.  Was I partying till the wee hours of my departure day?

Answer is NO.  After seeing a couple musicals, and one of them, “Wicked,” three times, back-to-back.

My friend teased me and told me I was “main-lining” this wild and colorful, feel-good musical.  “Damn straight, I am.”

Broadway is total eye and ear-candy for me.  And I don’t care if I see a particular show more than one time during any stay I have in the Big Apple.

I proudly proclaim myself as a “Broadwayhound”, because I cannot get enough of it.  When I returned home to Houston, my mind felt glazed over showtunes and my eyes were half-mast.  I also had a huge smile on my face.


Middle School Years

Some enjoy them, others hate them, and We All Just Went Through The Motions.

Picture this: You are starting/ about to start your middle-school years.  Say it is late August/early September and you are burnt out on summer.  And are ready to go back to school.

POSITIVE: You enter the threshold of Jr. High and are sharing your summer camp stories and photos with your friends.  You are introduced to your new teachers.

At lunch, you and your buddies talk about which teachers each of you think will be your favorite and least favorite, AND who would be a downright bitch.

Hell, at the end of the first day, you probably don’t want to leave the freaking building!!

But you would love to share your great first day of school with your family, right?


IT IS YOUR FIRST DAY OF JR. HIGH AND YOU CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED THAN YOU ALREADY ARE.  New friends, new chapter in your life, as well as schooling career.   Girlie, you are gung ho and ready to go!!

And……NOT EVEN WHAT YOU EXPECT AT ALL!!  AS soon as you walk through the doors of your Jr. High, your attempts to meet and befriend the other kids are met with either a slow-burn of, or a fast-and-furious rejection, complete with being called, ‘Dogface,’  ‘Retardo,’ and just plain, ‘Stupid’

Teachers….are hella worse!! one is always pissed off and you are the scapegoat, two or three of them seem to carry a cold-fish attitude towards you and one tries to dumb you down, no matter how hard you work, and your Gym teacher is calling you a ‘Wuss,’ or ‘Weakling.’

You feel so doomed you cannot breathe.  The rejections you have faced make you wish you were suffering from smoke inhalation.  Not from a house fire, but from the names you were called, the Teachers from Hell and that crazy load of homework that just started piling up on you and yours truly..your brain..

You come home, your mom is the biggest sight for sore eyes, and her voice is the biggest and best sound for sore ears.  You start bawling endlessly on her shoulder. 

Your older sibling is also very encouraging, your younger sibling is like, ‘ Hope that doesn’t happen to me.’ but hugs you anyway.  And your dad’s response makes you feel the way you felt at 8:00 AM, with, “Buck up, Little Camper!” 

Some of this negative scenario is true for me during my hellacious Jr. High years.  Yes, I was called names, talked about behind my back and within my earshot.   No, I am not a middle child and I have an older brother.

Aaaannd…how about a heaping scoopful of feigning illnesses.  I did have some psychosomatic illness, mostly the old tried-and-true tummy ache. 

To those who are in the thick of their Jr. High years (lasts two to three years), it won’t be a ‘forever’ thing, and soon you will be in high school, where you will have a greater chance of being well-liked.

Being a ‘Veteran’ of those hellacious two years  brings the privilege of honestly telling new and current middle-schoolers that:  

I came up with The Fourteen Commandments of The Middle-School years!!!

  1. You are entitled to be excited about beginning Jr. High career
  2. Do not be alarmed if you don’t get that ‘sunshine, rainbows and garden-of-roses feeling at the beginning or during your years in middle-school.
  3. Immaturity happens
  4. Loneliness happens
  5. Rejection happens
  6. You wish you can zoom through the hellaciousness, but, my friends, that won’t make you grow stronger from this.
  7. If your besties of elementary school turn into fair-weather friends of middle-school, don’t panic!  Those girls or guys are not worth your time.
  8. Give someone else a chance to be your friend.
  9. Rant to your parents and family about your hel you are experiencing
  10. This is not forever..only two to three years.
  11. Enlist in professional counseling
  12. Journal
  13. Just cry if you need to!!
  14. Make friends with kids of the opposite sex

For Me, Art Is Also About Imagining

What Would I do if I find myself holding my camera like a sleepy-head, look at my canvas and go, ‘Ugghh!,’ and digitally make color samples instead of paintings?

I close everything up, stow my art supplies and imagine, imagine and IMAGINE!   

For example, I would fantasize about putting characters from one story with characters from another story/movie/YouTube vloggers and normal Joes and Janes doing everyday things.


The Wizard, from the musical Wicked, trying to resuscitate a person who was saved from drowning.

Can you imagine Elphaba, from Wicked, drunk at a casino?
Can you imagine Glinda, also from Wicked, with a .45 Revolver?
Imagine Nessa ” ” raiding the mini-bar in a room at a swanky hotel? 
Fiyero and Boq trying to get an overtired toddler down for her nap? 
Madame Morrible getting a puke shower from a wandering and sick child?
Melena Thropp getting hooked on bubblewrap and popping it at Frex?
GAME OF THRONES (HBO series about royal families who keep fighting each other in the fictitional land of Westeros)

Caitlynn Stark driving Bran to his Tae Kwan Do class. 
Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister chaperone a high school dance 

When I Played “Go To Grandma’s”

I was seven when a friend and I got tired of swimming.  She asked if I would play “Go To Grandma’s,”  She and I pretended to be Little Red Ridinghood and her sister.  
I cannot recall what we wore, or what did we put on over our swimsuits, but who cared? We headed out to Grandma’s.  We walked and got a teeny bit lost.

My friend and I collected our bearings and headed straight for her house. We sat on her front lawn.,big deal!  It was a big deal because our parents were worried SICK, wondering where we went.

Our mothers found us, we were heavily disciplined for a week and had to sign a contract my dad’s assistant typed up!

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